Pursuing Excellence - Achieving Perfection

Do things right the first time or don’t do them at all. You put your name on everything that you do.

These are the words that have echoed in my head from the age of 9. My father is the one who instilled this belief in me. I believe it still holds true today.

My company prides itself on superior quality, organization, and communication rather than the quantity. We are very experienced working with architects, designers, owners, and engineers on complex projects and understand the importance of detail and integrity during the construction process.

Our "one man per project" philosophy resonates with our clients and they love the fact that a representative is always on site. We intentionally limit the number of projects we undertake throughout the year by design. I believe that a project manager's focus and my own should be on the task at hand. Each project is unique and some can be very challenging at times. Our philosophy enables us to keep the project on schedule and built with the highest regard of professionalism.



Chuck Norrman | President/Owner