As the Construction Manager, NorthShore Custom Living operate as your decision maker. With over 25 years of experience in the construction industry, we provide unparalleled expertise through our construction management delivery method. The method allows the appropriate expert input at each project stage, giving you a realistic budget, targeted results, and a schedule from the very beginning.

Project Management

The success of any construction project is contingent upon the management capabilities and communication skills of the contractor. Our internal project team effectively utilizes a group of highly qualified individuals at various levels for the duration of the project. This collaboration allows our employees to do what they do best while meeting challenging deadlines and consistently producing high quality solutions.

Owners Representation

Project oversight requires a significant time investment, adding a heavy responsibility onto your already demanding schedule. We can assume the burden for you. As your “eyes and ears” for the project, we become your point of accountability for quick, accurate answers about your project’s detailed components.  Our experienced personnel work on your behalf, orchestrating the process, mitigating your risk, and taking on responsibility for satisfactory project completion.